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Is considered one of the most prestigious stores in the Atlanta area.  So it was a no-brainer when we were invited by Erica Dias of the B Firm PR to see a special viewing of the upcoming Burberry collection as well as learn more about the Jet Jones Foundation.

Now Burberry has a strict no photo or video policy in the store and with respect, we honored that. But if you look very closely at the photo of attendees you might catch a glimpse of the upcoming Fall / Winter collections on the racks.

The JetJones Foundation was established by professional basketball player, DeQuan Jones, to provide kids with resources in order to help them to reach their full potential. Jones and his beautiful wife explained more about the organization and what to expect.  Also in attendance was Frank Ski, and Sterling Coleman Jr owners of several Zaxby’s.   Check out the photos below

IMG_6171 IMG_6180 IMG_6185 IMG_6201 IMG_6211 IMG_6214 IMG_6233 IMG_6255 IMG_6281 IMG_6286 IMG_6292 IMG_6297 IMG_6301


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